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Spinal Laser Cold Therapy for Pain Treatment: Sciatica & Disc

Cold laser therapy is an FDA approved treatment for neck, back and spinal disc pain that has been tested for the past 40 years. There have been more than 2000 published papers from spinal institutes, physicians, and medical research groups on this effective deep tissue laser therapy. Cold spinal laser therapy has been shown to help with damaged tissue regeneration, inflammation, back and disc pain relief, and even boost the immune system.

One key initial study reviewed for FDA approval purposes showed a 53% improvement in patients using the therapy vs those who didn’t. A 2nd FDA study showed that patients who had the cold laser therapy experienced reduced pain and increased range of motion only days following the treatment. Nashville Spine and Disc has instituted a state-of-the-art laser proprietary treatment program that incorporates a Class IV laser. This therapy method put an end to your chronic or acute pain fast! Deep Tissue Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment modality where light is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing and soft tissue repair.

No Dangerous Drugs | No Invasive Procedures | No Exercises Needed

How Cold Spinal Laser Therapy Works

This breakthrough therapeutic device has several applications and treatment outcomes. Our Deep Tissue Laser Therapy works by converting light into biochemical energy, resulting in normal cell function, which causes symptoms (PAIN) to disappear. Treatments involve placing the laser on the skin allowing the healing energy to penetrate deep into the tissues, where it interacts with various intracellular bio-molecules resulting in the restoration of normal cell function. This also enhances the body’s natural healing processes. In essence, light energy is converted into biochemical energy.

The result; normal cell functions are restored. The process results in a disappearance of symptoms and increases the speed at which your body heals.



    Back Pain


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    Non-invasive Effective Treatment for Sciatica and Back Pain

    Dr. Bearden, owner of Nashville Spine and Disc understands what it is like to live in pain. “Simply put, pain is bad and can be debilitating. We don’t want any of our patients to suffer from it.” I have found during my 20 years of practicing that spinal laser therapy coupled with our S.M.A.R.T. spinal decompression program produces remarkable results. Our practice has seen hundreds of patients with back pain, numbness, and sciatica leave our office pain free.

    The Physiological Healing and Pain Relief Process of Deep Tissue Laser Cold Therapy

    As noted by the original developer of the LiteCure laser; “Pain results from trauma, inflammation, malfunction, or less that optimal cellular function. Healing and pain relief come with cellular normalization.


    • Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Soft Tissue Injuries
    • Migraine Headaches
    • Chronic & Acute Neck & Back Pain
    • Spinal Conditions
    • Myofascial Trigger Points
    • Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Neuropathic Pain
    • Bell’s Palsy
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Sports Injuries
    • Sprains & Strains
    • Knee Pain
    • Hamstring Tears
    • Arthritic Pain
    • Sciatica
    • Herniated Discs

    Laser light enables cells to perform optimally by stimulating them, initiating bio-chemical reactions, which promotes healing.” With deep laser healing, patients notice results and are participating in these faster treatments that are less invasive than surgery, and offer better results.

    See and Feel the Benefits of our Powerful Pain and Inflammation Relief with Laser Therapy for Yourself!


    Read our patient reviews portion of the website to see what patients have to say about this new form of deep-tissue healing.

    Our Class IV deep tissue laser is one of the treatments used in our clinic and helps relieve the following conditions and pain areas:



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