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Books by Dr. Bearden

Dr. Bearden is not only an award winning chiropractor, but he has written two books designed to help you continue the healing and stay in shape on your own – reducing the need for medical care: The Chiropractic Way to Health and Getting You Back into Action.

Getting You Back into Action

The success of the first book led Dr. Bearden to write a second book, Getting You Back into Action, and Keeping You Off the Surgical Table. In this book, he goes in depth to help you build on the practices of the first book and to increase your energy and stamina.

The reader learns how to stay active – without the pain associated with increased activity and age.

You also learn how and why celebrities use chiropractic treatment and how to stay out of doctor’s offices and on the field of life.

And when those inevitable injuries and muscle strains come, Dr. Bearden helps you to minimize your lifetime medical bills by choosing chiropractic first, medications second, and using surgery only as a last resort.

The Chiropractic Way to Health

The Chiropractic Way to Health: the Ultimate Self-help Guide for Chiropractic Patients  helps you to improve your health without resorting to debilitating surgery or costly prescription drugs.

With his core-strengthening exercises, you will improve your health in the comfort of your own home. He also addresses diet and sleep patterns, weight loss, and exercise and supplements.

Some of the proven techniques he uses are yoga ball routines, stretching exercises, and strength training – all without the need for expensive gym equipment. With graphics and easy-to-understand instructions, you will be able to understand complete each exercise.

If you want more energy, vitality, and better overall health, you will want to have this book in your library.