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Spinal Decompression Treatment Results

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Results of S.M.A.R.T. Spinal Decompression from Dr. Casey Bearden

Many of you have experienced the incredible benefit of our Trademarked S.M.A.R.T Spinal Decompression protocol referenced above. At Nashville Spine and Disc we are proud to say that we are saving 9 out of 10 people from EVER having to undergo back surgery.  

With our newly expanded facility and cutting edge Microsoft Surface Tablet Decompression technology, our clinical success outcomes continue to spiral and surpass even the most difficult cases. No one in Mid TN, much less he entire country, to our knowledge is doing it quite like we have evolved Spinal Decompression. Dr. Bearden has even written his second book on the topic “Keeping you off the Surgical Table.”  

Spinal Decompression Combined with Spinal Laser Treatment

Coupled with our powerful Deep Tissue Laser and targeted core strengthening and muscle rebalancing, we are becoming more and more capable of restoring most spinal related conditions to a state of pain relief and daily function many have not experienced in years. Spinal laser treatments are powerful and very effective in healing disc and sciatic pain.

Not everyone is a candidate however. To determine your level of candidacy for our unique approach and one-of-a-kind protocol, call the office for your complimentary consult. If you have any recent MRIs please bring them with you. If nothing else, come peek your head in our newly refurbished and expanded clinic for a quick tour.

About Pain

Our desire is to see you be pain free, return to work, and be able to sleep and exercise again. While pain is a signal that tells the body something is wrong, prolonged pain is bad. The source of the pain needs to be treated whether it is in your back, neck or extremities. You should not have to endure chronic pain on a regular basis.

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